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Have you ever wondered if the shops you visited had a good impact on the environment or on the local ecosystem? Nowadays, we care more and more about supporting businesses that take meaningful initiatives and MenuForGood allows you to find them according to the positive actions they take.

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What if you could easily find stores that offer products adapted to your diet? No need to worry anymore, you can discover new local businesses that fit your diet all over Japan.

Today's GOOD Businesses

Discover a selection of local businesses that are making positive impacts.

Our GOOD Partners

Our partners share our mission to have a positive impact both socially and environmentally. When partnering with us, they avoid wasting paper when printing menus by going digital, they plant trees where the planet needs it the most and have a positive social impact on the local economy.

Know a GOOD business that is missing?

Do you know a business that is taking part in initiatives and making positive impacts? Please share them with us so they can be listed on MenuForGood!